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Welcome to the Huk Life. This page will be the home of disc golf cultural vignettes, tour notes, and Huk Lifestyle stories as they emerge throughout the year. We spend a lot of time on the road passionately pursueing the sport of disc golf and it's burgeoning culture. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you...

Huk Life | Vol.005.13
June 06, 2013 

With the disc golf season in full swing, players everywhere are enjoying the Huk Life on a local and global level. Here in the Laboratory we have been busy preparing for several summer events and dialing in the design of some new Fly Gear products. Last weekend found us in Bend, OR for the Pine Jam tournament. The tournament was presented by Ryan and Gretchen Lane of discVENTures and it was really fun to be back in the high desert again. We played 3 rounds on 3 different courses... awesome! The more unique holes I get to play in a weekend, the better the Huk Life experience in my book. Next we turn our attention to Glide, OR and the Whistler's Bend doubles event. Team Huk Nature Love Lab is excited to test some new theories of disc flight along the North Umpqua river. The Huk Booth will be fully stocked with TriFly stamped Innova, Discraft and Legacy and new TriFly dyed runs of Prodigy discs. Stop by and see all of our new apparel and get a first glimpse of the Limited Edition CamoChain Huk Sit stool. We will have lots of cold Ninkasi available to quench the pallet of thirsty disc golfers and may we all "perpetuate better living!"

NEXT TOUR STOP: The Huk for Independence at Hornings Hideout in North Plains, Oregon on June 22-23

Huk Life | Vol.004.13
May 09, 2013

After a 9 week early spring tour, we are back in the Lab working on some new products as we plan for a frenzied summer Huk Life touring schedule. We had a blast out on the road for our annual Cactus and Cali tours but it is nice to be back in the Great Pacific Northwest. We are thankful for safe travel and an opportunity to see old friends and meet so many new players. Thanks to each and everyone for your support, kindness and enthusiasm for the sport of disc golf. Our attention is now focussed on being the presenting sponsor of the Rose City Open and delivering a memorable experience for every player in attendance.

Huk Life | Vol.003.13
February 07, 2013


It's time to begin another great disc golf season of tournaments and events. We're getting the mobile Lab loaded and ready to roll to the desert southwest as we kick off the 2013 huk Cactus tour. We'll be touring in support of the Gentlemen's Club Challenge Am and Pro weekend in Las Vegas, NV followed by a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for the inaugural event of the 2013 PDGA National Tour Elite Series... the Memorial Championship. Our 2013 huk Cactus tour will conclude in Austin, TX at the Texas State Championships. The TSC is the second event of the new PDGA National Tour.

Stop by the huk booth (see schedule below) for a peak at some new early spring Fly Gear styles or follow along as the hukBird tweets...

February 16th-17th at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV
February 23rd-24th at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV

February 26th at Duke's Sports Grill in Scottsdale, AZ
February 27th- March 2nd at Fountain Hills disc golf course in Fountain Hills, AZ

March 16th-17th at Maynor Park disc golf course in Austin, TX

Huk Life | Vol.002.12
February 15, 2012

2011 Year in Review by Avery Jenkins

Before getting too far into the 2012 season, I needed to write my 2011 year in review. I always need to stay on top of my blogs before I fall behind. Let’s look back to another great season of disc golf as I take you on a quick journey of some highlights from the 2011 season.

Photo by Leah Taylor

The life of a touring professional can be strenuous at times, but realize I really love to travel as much as I do and always look forward to the next event. I played in 24 Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)-sanctioned events with 10 top-5 finishes in 2011. I also earned a win at my first event of the year, at the Asia Open in Taiwan.

I also had several strong finishes at the Kansas City Wide Open National Tour event, the Players Cup Match Play Championship and the Hall of Fame Classic Super Tour event. I also had a solid showing by placing fifth at the first Professional Disc Golf Association Championships at the International Disc Golf Center in Augusta, Ga. I also finished seventh at the European Open, a major disc golf event in Nokia, Finland. And, I was part of the NorCal championship team at the NorCal vs. SoCal Team Invitational Championships earlier in the year.

**Full 2011 Tour Stats: Click Here**

The season started on a high note as a good friend, Kuan Chen, invited me to attend the 2011 Asia Open in Taipei, Taiwan. This was my first trip to Taiwan and definitely a place I always wanted to travel to, especially after all the trips I have taken to Japan for the Japan Open over the years.

The Asia Open is a 160-class event where all the players had to use discs that weighed 160 grams or less. Not to mention that the weather was less than ideal with rainy conditions that made it wet and muddy throughout the weekend. The weather also made it tough to adjust to the lighter-weight discs, which made things extra challenging. I battled back in the last few holes of the final 9 to claim my first Asia Open title and my first win in 2011.


Back in Santa Cruz, Calif., during the spring months, I was helping to improve the local Santa Cruz and Monterey courses for the 2011 World Championships. I put many long hours of hard work at De Laveaga, helping to pour new tee pads and building a retaining wall to prevent erosion around the tee areas.

It also made the course look more maintained. It had been in need of some renovations, so it was perfect timing to have these changes made before the event. We had many work crews out at the Oaks Disc Golf Course in Monterey, pouring new tee pads and installing benches on every hole. It was a lot of work to prepare for the tournament, but it was also good for the local disc golf community to have these courses taken care of and maintained properly so they stay looking nice for years to come.

The locals were excited to host the 2011 World Championships. Tom Schot, the tournament director, was on a mission to bring the best players in the world to Santa Cruz. They tried a different format this year by making four 27-hole courses, including De Laveaga, Pinto Lakes, Oaks and Ryan Ranch, which are all located in the Monterey Bay area.

It was the largest field ever for a PDGA World Championship with more than 430 competitors from 14 countries playing. It was also the largest pro purse ever at more than $108,000. The event also marked the first World Championship event to be held in California since the first tournament in Los Angeles in 1983. California is a beautiful place for such an event. I would have to say that it may have been the best weather ever at the World Championships with daytime highs never reaching more than 78 degrees.

My good friend and Santa Cruz local, Nate Doss, battled it out throughout the week on his home turf. He gained the lead during the third round and only faced some pressure from Josh Anthon during the semifinals to overcome the opposition with a “walk-in-the-park” final 9 to win his third World Championship in seven years. It was a glorious moment to watch him take control of the event in front of hometown crowd.


The PDGA has been going through some big changes over the past year, with several changes to help improve the sport. I initially joined the Board of Directors to aid in the development and evolution of disc golf throughout the world. It is important for players to give back to the sport they love and I have the experience to make a positive change for disc golf as it continues to grow.

I ran for the board in order to better the sport through increased involvement in the PDGA process and ongoing operations. I have developed great communication with the PDGA and its members throughout the years of traveling from the grassroots level to professional ranks. With more players being exposed to this sport every year, it’s a matter of time before we really make an impact in the media and the entire sports world.
It truly has become a passion of mine. I believe I have what it takes and know that I will do an outstanding job to make it better for the sport we all love.

Also on the side of passion for the game, I had a great opportunity to help director Derek Hastings with the production of Chains, a feature-length documentary on the sport. I soon became a co-producer, production assistant and marketing manager for the ongoing project and the six-year odyssey that we call “Chains.”
For those who don’t know, it’s the first definitive documentary about disc golf. It’s a film that features the lives of top professionals to recreational players and players of all ages and abilities. They tell how their lives have been changed for the better by disc golf. It’s a story that shows the impact the sport makes on everyone who chooses to get involved.

The movie is very inspirational and I was very fortunate to be part of it and play a major part in the actual film. I can’t wait for the world to see disc golf in an entirely new light as we emerge from the makings of a hobby to an actual sport where athletes can travel the world playing in tournaments that are broadcast on television like other major sports. It’s only a matter of time before the release of the documentary and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted when it does. Trust me, you’ll definitely hear about it!


This off-season, I took my training and dieting regiment to a new level. I committed to eating healthy and getting stronger through extensive workouts. I started by using the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge, which is a 10-day herbal cleansing program to eliminate toxins and impurities from my body. It also worked to allow my body to better absorb the vitamins and supplements I was taking.

The next step was a 14-day metabolic nutrition system that is a comprehensive system of vitamins and supplements containing herbal extracts to enhance weight loss and help weight management, along with a strict diet program to ensure significant results. Like many diets I have tried in the past, it’s about commitment and sticking with it. I cut out dairy and simple carbohydrates, such as breads and pasta, as well as eliminating coffee and beer. Trust me, it’s not the easiest but it’s not supposed to be and I have seen significant results because of it.

I joined a health club, which is about a mile from my apartment. It forced me to run to the gym if I wanted to get in a good workout. It also allowed me to get some cardio done before I went to lift weights. Plus, it was a great way to warm up the body before stretching. I really concentrated on a weight-training routine, using a lot of free weights, weight machines and body-weight exercises.

My workouts were focused on strengthening my arms and shoulders, torso (core), hips and legs. These areas are crucial in the throwing technique. I used the basic back and biceps, chest and triceps and legs and shoulders to enable me to lift at least five times per week. I have plans to list and describe my disc golf workout in full detail in future blog postings, for anyone interested.

Other than running and the stationary bike at the gym, I also attended some of the cardio, step and yoga classes that were offered. I tracked every workout and, at this point, I have lifted, pulled and moved more than 1.5 million pounds! I’m really looking forward to getting out in the field to throw some bomb drives!

My goals for 2012:

• Win another Major tournament.
• Play my best at every event I attend.
• Produce an instructional disc golf video.
• Bring disc golf to the mainstream media.
• Promote all of my sponsors to the best of my ability.
• Travel the world playing the sport I love.

During the 2012 season, I plan to play a lot and travel a bunch more. I have scheduled to play 30-plus tournaments and will be traveling extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. I have tournaments in Taiwan, Norway, Germany and Sweden. I will be playing all of the PDGA National Tour and Major events throughout the season as I continue to be a disc golf ambassador and spokesman for the sport during my travels.

**Projected Touring Schedule for 2012: Click Here**

I have proven to be one of the most dominant players in the world and I strive to be the best model I can as a professional disc golf athlete. I have given my life to the sport and it’s been a passion of mine for more than a decade. As I enter my 13th season as a touring professional, I will continue to promote disc golf as one of the best sports on the planet in hopes of gaining even more exposure this year. I am looking forward to another exciting and successful season on the disc golf tour. I will do my best to make the most of it every day.

Thanks to all my friends, family and travel companions throughout the year that have made my world travels possible and my disc golf dreams a reality. Here’s to an incredible 2012 season!


Huk Life | Vol.001.12
February 15, 2012

Huk Cactus Tour

It's time to begin another great disc golf season of tournaments and events. We have the mobile huk laboratory loaded and ready to roll to the desert southwest as we kick off the 2012 huk Cactus tour. We'll be touring in support of the Gentlemen's Club Challenge Am and Pro weekend in Las Vegas, NV followed by a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for the inaugural event of the 2012 PDGA National Tour Elite Series... the Memorial Championship.

We'll have new Fly Gear styles for Winter 2012 and the first flight of our Spring 2012 Fly Gear line, so please come and see us on the course or follow along as the hukBird tweets      twitter

2012 huk Cactus tour Fly Gear booth schedule:

Sat      2/18 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV
Sun     2/18 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV

Sat      2/25 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV
Sun     2/26 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV

Tues    2/28 at Duke's for Memorial Flymart in Scottsdale, AZ  12pm - 5pm

Wed     2/29 Hole #1 at Fountain Hills, AZ
Thur     3/01
Hole #1 at Fountain Hills, AZ
Fri         3/02 Hole #1 at Fountain Hills, AZ
Sat        3/03 Hole #1 at Fountain Hills, AZ


Huk Life | Vol.003.11
December 29, 2011

Disc Golf Classes w/ Dave Feldberg at Blue Lake Park near Portland, Oregon

Learn to play disc golf at any level, whether you are a beginner or a pro, Dave can help you increase your skills and understanding of the game.  There will be five classes that cover everything from grips to sky-cut rollers!  The classes will last 1 hour and thirty minutes and they will build on each other.  The great part is that if you have team golf or a weekend committment the classes are the same on Saturday and Sundays. so if you have to miss a Saturday then just come on Sunday or vice versa. Imagine how much you spend a year on playing disc golf, treat yourself, and unlock endless growth and enjoyment in the game we love.

Class dates for Winter 2012




Huk Life | Vol.002.11
November 30, 2011

From Valarie Jenkins blog:

This marks the 4th month of my new website dedicated to the women in our sport. With the lack of information for women players, I decided to create a site where women can go to find all the information they need. Using the money I raised through selling KEEN fundraiser discs, I was able to get this idea off and running.

On the website, I have created a section of instructionals where women can learn techniques, rules, and mental tips to improve their game. We also have a Women’s League Directory where women can post their league information, and other women can search to find a league near them. There are video bios from top pros as well as all videos regarding women disc golfers.

Our Facebook page that branches from the website, has also been a huge success. Women come together in this group and post pictures, experiences, and concerns within the women’s disc golf community. It is great to see the women from around the US and the world interact and share their ideas to help grow our numbers of women playing.

I look forward to the New Year and the new ideas that will come through for this website. My main goal is to give women a website where they can go for answers and inspiration to keep playing. And Finally, this website is made to in reaction to the ongoing question of “Why don’t more women play?” is a great resource for women just getting into the game and for those who have been huckin' for years. We've joined DG4W in an effort to spread some holiday cheer by offering a 10% discount on our entire Fly Gear line to all members of DG4W. For more information on Holiday deals click here. Become a member today and you'll receive a special discount code to use at To register for DG4W click here!




Huk Life | Vol.001.11
November 11, 2011

huk lab Flight Team member Nate Doss

hl_doss_stamp_450" was the best feeling of my disc golf career. A totally euphoric experience not only because it's the tourney you want to win more than any other but also because worlds was being contested in my hometown of Santa Cruz. I had the hometown crowd pulling for me and yet I had to be completely focussed and disciplined not to let the hometown expectations pervade my mind..."                     

          Nate on winning the 2011 PDGA World Disc Golf Championships



As a touring professional disc golfer, success in the huck laboratory is paramount to longevity on the road. Testing theories of disc flight and dialing them in is one of the most challenging and thrilling aspects of our sport. Making those shots repeatable pairs the physical challenge with mental toughness. In 2011, no player met the challenges of playing professional disc golf better than Nate Doss.

Though Nate has always been a talented disc golfer, his 2011 campaign was certainly the best of his career. In 2010, Nate rededicated himself to the rigors and excitement of a professional disc golfer on tour. He then spent the early part of 2011overseas in Asia followed by a desert two step through Las Vegas, NV and Scottsdale, AZ. At the Gentlemen's Club Challenge he rose  to the ocassion to claim an early season victory amongst a very competitive field. From early in the season to the middle Nate found success in Texas and some tough rounds in the midwest. He would see-saw a bit but rarely placed out of the top five. After playing well in the south, Nate returned to the midwest with an emphatic win at the Kansas City Wide Open followed by a strong second place finish here at the Beaver State Fling. As Nate's personal proverb read on our old website..."no one remembers second place."

Summer travel found Nate in Europe where he comfortablly stayed in the top five. It was upon his return to Santa Cruz that he began to focus his mind and dial in those theories of flight that would carry him to a third world title. He was now walking the hallowed grounds of Delaveaga, along with Pinto Lake, Ryan Ranch and the Oaks course in Monterey, CA. Tracing fairways that a mere six months before, he and Avery and Valarie Jenkins worked tirelessly to groom the courses toward championship form. It is still hard to believe that it had only been 15 months since Tom Schot and the DeLa crew announced they were bringing the World Championships to Santa Cruz.

So, the world would converge on the Monterey Bay penisula and all eyes were on Nathan Doss. Literally, I turned on the local news, Nate and Val were putting with the anchors on TV. I wandered down Seabright boulevard and Chains disc golf documentary is on the marquee. Was the hometown kid who had hucked his first discs at DeLa when he was six years old truly destined to win? He certainly had the home crowd behind him but that also equated to a certain amount of pressure. Afterall, Nate had still to this day never won a Master's Cup which is his local PDGA National Tour stop.

Two minutes was called, the Chains disc golf documentary premiered, an ace flew from pier to pin during the fly mart on the beach and Nate Doss won his third World Championship. He compared his third and first by simply saying the first one was "out of the blue" surreal "is this really happening?" To win in Santa Cruz required something altogether different. "Winning the World Championship at home... it was the best feeling of my disc golf career. A totally euphoric experience not only because it's the tourney you want to win more than any other but also because worlds was being contested in my hometown of Santa Cruz. I had the hometown crowd pulling for me and yet I had to be competely focussed and disciplined not to let the hometown expectations pervade my mind."  


Nate took a couple of weeks to soak it in and purchase a navy blue Dodge Sprinter Van. After Jim Hagen built a love nest for him and Val, they were back on tour and rolling east. Nate would carry that focus and discipline into the fall winning the the Vibram Open crowning PDGA National Tour event. The next weekend he finished second on the leader board behind fellow Flight Team member Ricky Wysocki at the inaugural PDGA Championship. He finished off the year at the Player's Cup in Austin, TX, by winning the match play event.

I spoke with Nate today and though he has stowed his discs away for the winter, he is eagerly anticipating the 2012 season. "You look forward to the coming year not necessarily because of the success of this season but because I always look forward to seeing the growth taking place in our sport and positively promoting disc golf around the world." Nate will be wearing his Pro Huk Signature line in the new year and throwing a special line of signature discs from Discraft. I asked him what he like most about the Pro Huk Nate Doss DriFit collar and he said "wearability". The chain like texture is comfortable next to skin and the shirt is great on and off of the course. As for the Discraft Nate Doss Challenger, he described it as similar in feel and consistency to the Cam Todd Challenger of old. Check out the picture below for a visual and we'll have some discs available in the near future. As for Nate, the future holds "the freedom to live the huck lifestyle in the Sprinter!"

Keep on huckin' Nate!             
~Jay Harbour | huk life ambassador