Valarie Jenkins

Valarie Jenkins

Flight Team Member Since 2004
Date of Birth: 5/06/1986
Home Town: Bend, Oregon
Huckin' Since: 1986
Player Rating: 967
World Ranking: 1
PDGA# 17495
Personal Proverb: Livin the Life

2007, 2008, 2009 PDGA World Champion

Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins

Team Member Bio
Raised in a Disc Golf family, Valarie has been around the sport her whole life. She didn't start playing this sport competitively until she was 15, and captured her first World Championship in the Junior Division <16. She continued to play tournaments regionally, and when she graduated high school in 2004 she began to venture around the country just like her brother, Avery, had been doing for years. Her love of travel and meeting new people enabled her addiction this sport to grow. Valarie was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2004, and went on to win World Championship titles from 2007-2009. In her professional career she has won 13 Major Championships and 27 National Tour Championships, which has earned her the title of Player of the Year 5 years in a row (2007-2011).

Along with traveling the world, Valarie went to school online and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. She hopes to use this degree to help this sport grow. In 2011, Valarie created the website, to encourage more women to play by offering them an outlet to share and educate each other within Disc Golf. Valarie is also the current Chairperson of the PDGA Women's Committee who created the Biennial Women's Global Event, the first event in 2012 happened to be the largest PDGA event for a single demographic ever! Valarie enjoys competing but is really passionate in promoting this sport and continuing to grow the number of female players!

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2007 Pro World Championships - Valarie Jenkins