Chris Sprague

Chris Sprague

Flight Team Member Since 2005
Date of Birth: 04/23/1975
Home Town: Des Moines, IA
Player Rating: 993
PDGA# 16425 
Personal Proverb: It'll look closer when I get there.

Chris Sprague Chris Sprague Chris Sprague Chris Sprague Chris Sprague

Team Member Bio
Chris grew up in Des Moines, IA where he was active in baseball, football, basketball, bowling, and karate from a young age. After graduating college with a CAD Drafting degree, Chris discovered the game of disc golf at 22 years of age and has been actively playing tournaments ever since. Whether he is competing, teaching, designing/building courses, or just enjoying a casual round with his family – he brings a positive upbeat energy to the game.

Chris has played disc golf in three countries, 28 states, 300+ tournaments, 85+ wins in 13 different states, and has played over 250 courses. He’s brought this vast experience to his local disc golf scene by designing three courses and logging thousands of hours building his signature course – Camden Two. His creativity can also be seen flying through the air on disc golf courses around the country on the over 100 discs he’s dyed with his unique hand painted tattoo style.

In Augusta, Georgia at the 2006 Disc Golf world Championships, Chris was purposely selected by the tournament directors to give a disc golf demonstration to event sponsor William Morris, owner and chairman of a national media empire. Chris’s gifted ability to demonstrate Disc Golf and clearly explain the sport in easy to understand terms, were instrumental in the local hosts receiving a buy in of future support from this valuable sponsor. As a result of that demonstration Chris was offered the opportunity to work at the PDGA International Disc Golf Center as a visiting instructor in the future.

While raising and caring for his family are the top priorities in Chris’ life right now, he will continue to support and promote the wonderful game of disc golf for the foreseeable future.