Nate Sexton

Nate Sexton

Flight Team Member Since 2005
Date of Birth: 05/04/1985
Home Town: Corvallis, OR
Huckin' Since: 2000
Player Rating: 1035
PDGA# 18824
Personal Proverb: Remember the Alamo!

Nate Sexton Nate Sexton Nate Sexton Nate Sexton Nate Sexton

Team Member Bio
I started playing disc golf in 2000 with my family in Corvallis, OR. We had played Ultimate and object golf before that but when the first official course went into our town in 1999 (Willamette Park) we got some real disc golf discs and started to play! I won the junior <19 world championships in 2003 in London, ON Canada. The following year I played in the amateur world championships in Des Moines, IA and placed 4th. I turned pro in the fall of 2004 by taking 7th place at my professional debut the Beaver State Fling! Since then my career highlights include 5th place at the 2008 Japan Open and 5th place at the 2009 World Championships in Kansas City, MO. I have 4 A-tier wins and over 60 PDGA sanctioned professional wins.

I have a B.S. in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and I hope to get a masters degree in education so that I can teach high school life sciences. I have worked at Oregon State University for the past 4 years teaching physical activity courses including Disc Golf, Disc Golf II, Ultimate, Ultimate II, Hiking Local Trails, and Fitness Walking.


2012 Oregon Disc Golf Championships