KJ Nybo

KJ Nybo

Flight Team Member Since 2012
Date of Birth: 05/30/1978
Home Town: Kobenhaven Nv, Denmark
Huckin' Since: 2004
Player Rating: 1028
PDGA# 28903
Personal Proverb: It’s best when it’s worst.

KJ Nybo KJ Nybo KJ Nybo KJ Nybo KJ Nybo

Team Member Bio
My disc golf chronology
In 2010 my main goals are to improve my rating and keep having fun with the game. The season has started out good with a 7th place in The Memorial, and I feel confident that more good results is coming up! Playing the international tournaments costs a lot of money, so a sponsor to help me with that would be great!

2009: Getting established as an international player
2009 was a really good year. I started the year as number 42 in the world and finished as number 33, while my rating went from 1010 to 1015. In both European Open and USDGC I played super rounds and was close to a top result. I also set a new danish long distance record on 182 meters (with a 172 g Innova Valkyrie) with only 5 m/sek wind.

2008: 1000+ rating
In 2008 things started accelerating for me, and I achieved a 1000+ rating (1009 in November 2008). I played The Memorial, USDGC and I finished second in Copenhagen Open and seventh in both Stockholm Open and Scandinavian Open.

2007: Disc golfing in USA
In 2007 I traveled to USA and played disc golf every day for three months in Florida, Arizona and California. I participated in The Memorial for the first time and found out what top disc golf is all about. Two weeks before the tournament I was fortunate to meet 12-time world champ Ken Climo. Climo really inspired me, and practicing with him really improved my game. This trip was a nice intro to the disc golf culture and quite an disc golf adventure for me - a dream come true. Even though my results wasn't the best (my best was a fifth place in Long Beach Open), I started believing that I can compeed against the best disc golfers in the world.

2006: Getting started
I've been throwing freesbees all my life, but started throwing golf discs in 2004. For a while I only had one disc - a Shark - which I used as a freesbee. I didn't play on courses until later that year, when I heard about the opening of Valbyparken in Copenhagen. In 2006 - after two years of intense disc golfing - I won the Danish Championships for the first time along with all other danish tournaments. This year I was lucky to meet my mental coach, Kenneth Brink, who has helped me with the psychological part of the game since then.