our approach to design

From first sketch to first flight, we strive to make every Huk Lab design timeless, natural and beautiful. Something that evokes a sense of authenticity and integrity. Something that reflects our amazement and amusement at the natural world around us, with it's intermingling of colors, texture and light. Something that makes you stop to wonder and continue to discover.

No curve is arbitrary, no placement per chance. Ideas creep up and sneak up on us from dark corners or burst forth in waves fo blooming color. It's never the same but it's always a journey. Words and expressions turn into sketches. Sketches get inked, scanned, pushed, pulled, squeezed teased and wrung out. What you see is where we land and say "That's it!"

Huk Lab designs invite you to participate, not just spectate; to check your lie and see a line to the prize; to connect with the sport and culture that helps define who you are through function and style that performs, inspires and delights.

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