KanJam Disc Game

KanJam Disc Game



Looking for an outdoor game to play at your next barbecue or family party? With its light weight, easily transportable plastic goals, KanJam can be set up and taken down in no time; making it the perfect backyard game.

The goal of KanJam is to score exactly 21 points before your opponents. The game consists of two teams of two, and points can be scored when:

  • Your partner deflects the disc and hits the goal (1 point)
  • You hit the goal directly with your disc, without the help of your partner (2 points)
  • Your partner deflects the disc into the goal (3 points)
  • You throw the disc directly into the goal with no help from your partner (Instant win)

For more information on scoring and rules, please click here

KanJam is currently played in backyards around the world at events ranging from family reunions to graduation parties, and everything in between. If you’re looking for the next great backyard game, look no further than KanJam.