putterFly patch
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putterFly patch



The PutterFly patch in a multi colored thread woven patch with an iron on backing. This patch works well on clothing, hats or bags.

APPLICATION: These are woven patches with exposed threads so be careful with the amount of time they are exposed to heat. The iron should be hot (320-356 degrees F or ~160-180 degrees C)and set for the material you are applying the patch to... no moisture, so turn the steamer off. If the fabric is sensative, use a pressing cloth (clean t-shirt material will suffice). Place patch on face of garment, cover with pressing cloth and apply firm pressure with iron for 20 seconds. Turn the garment inside out and repeat for 20 seconds. For disc bags, do the best you can to iron the patch on the outside but also the inside if possible. With heavy cordura, additional time may be necessary for adherence. Another option for tricky bag placement is to use super glue though it may leave residue if you decide to remove the patch.