Custom TriFly Dye Info

Q: May I send in discs to be dyed with the 7" TriFly logo?

A: YES! We complete custom dye lots weekly and would be happy to dye your discs. Here are some guidelines to follow.

INFORMATION: We can only dye premium plastic… i.e. champion or star or the equivalent. DX, Pro or the equivalent will not absorb the dye. The typical turn around time is 4-6 business days from receipt. If there is a delay in the schedule due to tournaments, travel, etc. we will let you know.

COST: We bill $15/disc + shipping if you remove the stamp and $20/disc + shipping if we remove the stamp. In rare cases, we may have to bill more than $20 for double stamps or holographic stamps that are difficult to remove. Quantity discount = send us 10 clean discs and the cost will be $13/disc + shipping -OR- send us 10 discs with the stamp on and we'll clean them and dye them for $18/disc + shipping.

PAYMENT: We will request payment upon receipt of your discs. 

PREPARATION: Please put your name on each disc or on masking tape affixed to the underside but NOT IN THE CENTER of the disc. Along with your shipment, please print and return this page with the following information:


SCHEDULING: To schedule your discs for an upcoming dye lot, send an email to with a list of discs your sending in. You may also have manufacturers send us discs directly if you'd like.  We will schedule you disc to be dyed with the next lot upon receipt.

Please ship your discs to:

Huk Lab Disc Golf Co.
8402 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203